The Right Play

January 3, 2007


Earlier this morning, Nick Saban, the head coach of the Miami Dolphins, announced that he will be returning to college football to coach at Alabama. He will become the highest paid coach in college football; however, I don’t think this decision was about the money.

I’m a Miami Dolphins fan, so I am naturally sad to see him go. But if I was in his shoes, I think I might do the same thing. I’d coach in college instead of the NFL any day of the week. The college game is simply more exciting–the rivalries are more intense; the fans are more excited. Also, as a college coach you are constantly dealing with new players to which you can teach the game.

Despite some of the issues with the BCS, you cannot dispute how exciting bowl season is. The NFL only has one bowl game, and it’s not even that super. Honestly, more of the hype surrounding that game is about the commercials or the half-time shows. Who even remembers who played in the Super Bowl two years ago? On the college side of things, there is plenty to remember about this bowl season and the championship game has not even played yet.

Nick Saban called the right play. College football is where his heart is. College football is “where it’s at.”


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