Thoughts on Leaving and Going

January 19, 2007

I do not think that I have ever experienced such mixed emotions in my life.

I am deeply sad because I am leaving.  I am leaving my family.  This trip to Israel will be the longest I have ever been away from my parents, and I will not get to see my brothers, their wives, or my super-cute nephew for three-and-a-half months!   I am also leaving behind my friends at school; I will dearly miss seeing them around campus, in the caf, and in the hallowed halls of Hotchkiss.  This semester I will also miss out on an awesome study of the Sermon on the Mount at my Bible Study, Generations.  Leaving all these things that I have come to know and love is hard and sad.

However, I am also so excited that I may spontaneously combust in anticipation of going to Israel.  I am psyched out of my mind out this trip.  I get to travel around the world and experience different cultures.  I get to walk where Abraham, David, and ultimately Jesus walked.  I get to hang out with some great friends who are also going to IBEX.  I get to study in a place that has and will be pivotal in the history of the world.  Going on this world-wide adventure of a semester is new and exciting.

Now I get to go to sleep with these mixed emotions so that I can rise early and catch my first international plane flight.  Next time I blog, I’ll be in Israel.

See you then.


2 Responses to “Thoughts on Leaving and Going”

  1. Yo Bro, We will miss you too! But we are excited to see what the Lord is going to do in your life through this time. We’re praying that you have a safe trip today and can’t wait to hear from you when you get to Israel!

  2. mrsds said

    Enjoy this wonderful opportunity! There is something awesome (yes I mean you are full of awe) when you walk where you know others have worshipped God centuries before you were born. I remember getting goose bumps thinking about how other believers had stood where I was and worshipped there in some of the churches and towns in Europe.

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