January 23, 2007


Living and studying in another part of the world takes some getting used to.

First, there’s the jet lag. I did not sleep much on the flight to Israel, so I was pretty tired when we arrived at the Moshav. I went to bed around 10 PM the first night, and I thought that I would sleep fine for a long time because I was really tired, and I usually have no trouble sleeping. Yeah, I was terribly wrong. I woke up shortly after 3:30 AM and never got back to sleep. Last night, I took a little advice from my RD back at school and took some Tylenol PM. I slept great. Hopefully, I get used to this whole new time zone (I’m 10 hours ahead of California time) quickly.

Second, there is a new studying/living environment. We were introduced to this by Todd Bolen, yesterday morning. He is my main professor this semester because he teaches my main class–The Land and the Bible. He talked to us about life in Israel, especially life on the Moshav where we live. (You can see him leading us around the Moshav in the pic above.) The Moshav Yad Hashemonah is on a hill about half way in between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The closest biblical site is Kiriath Jearim, where the Ark of the Covenant was kept for almost 100 years before David brought it to Jerusalem. Some of the students (myself included) took about a 15 min walk over there yesterday.

Near the end of our Moshav tour, Todd lead us in to a small concrete room/building that sticks out of the side of the hill (picture below.) This is called to miklat, which means “bomb shelter.” We use this as our student lounge. Not quite Hotchkiss…


Today, we were introduced to the city of Jerusalem. I’ll blog about that later this week.


2 Responses to “Orientation”

  1. Yo Bro,

    Your student lounge is a bomb shelter! Sounds intense. Love the pics and the details. Keep em coming! Can’t wait to see some of Jerusalem!

  2. Hi Ben–It’s so great to see your pictures and I loved your last two e-mails about what you’ve been up to over there. It’s so weird to think that you are 10 hours ahead of us in California. Looking forward to your next update!

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