Don’t Worry; I’m Not Dead

January 30, 2007


So far, I have absolutely no regrets about coming to Israel. I’m having a blast. IBEX is new and exciting on so many levels. Academically, I get study things that I am less familiar with, so it feels like I’m learning more. Culturally, I get to experience a mixture of cultures as I walk the streets of the Old City. Spiritually, I get to visit the sites where so much redemptive history happened. Socially, I get to hang out with some of my best friends all the time in some really cool places.

We spent all of last weekend in Jerusalem, so I had to hit the books pretty hard yesterday and today. Tonight, we head back to the Old City for another field trip, so the blogging train will so down just a little bit. I’m hoping to post some Jerusalem pics later this week. In the picture above, a group of the guys, including myself, is seeing what it felt like to be dead in an ancient tomb.

In the meantime, check out

There you can see some Jerusalem pics, as well as out group pic.


4 Responses to “Don’t Worry; I’m Not Dead”

  1. tommy said

    Hey Great Pictures on the IBEX site! Have a blast dude, bring back some Jerusalem sights and sounds for me!

  2. Hi Ben-
    I’m glad your aren’t dead, or how would you be blogging?! Sounds like IBEX has been a great time…looking forward to the post later this week:).

  3. Meisha said

    Thanks for the update Ben…I love hearing from both you and Lester, I wish I was there so bad…so bad that I looked up KPMG in Jerusalem and am trying to figure out how soon I can transfer!

  4. Ben, I so wish I were with you man!!! Good times. I’m off to dinner with the Lower Back. Say “hi” to everyone!!!

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