Plan B

February 6, 2007


Last Sunday, we were supposed to take a hike through the Wadi Quilt, but the hike was cancelled because of rain.

So we quickly devised Plan B. A bunch of us hopped on the bus and went to the mall in nearby Nevessaret. It took 5 minutes for us to realize that it was a lot like an American mall, just smaller and more expensive.

The part we enjoyed the most was the food court–we just can’t get enough greasy American fast food. I hit up the McDonald’s for some chicken sandwiches and french fries.

Even though the mall was disappointing, Plan B still turned out to be a blast. We got to check out a foreign mall, eat greasy food, and enjoy the experience of cramming 25 of us into a small bus stop to stay out of the rain.

At dinner, a group of my friends and I started talking about heaven. We all agreed that heaven will be awesome, but we do not even really know what “awesome” is yet. We have no idea how great a world without sin is going to be. We do not know how sweet perfect fellowship will be. We cannot dream of how amazingly beautiful it is going to be.

Tomorrow, our group heads out on our first non-Jerusalem field trip, so we’re all pretty excited about that. Each day is exciting at IBEX.


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