What a Day

February 7, 2007

Remember how I said in my last post that every day is exciting at IBEX?

I was not lying.

Today we went on our first non-Jerusalem field trip. We set out to see the Central Benjamin Plateau and all the roads leading to and from this central region in Biblical history.

Our first stop was the ancient site of Gezer, which guarded key roads leading up into the hills. Solomon thought this was a strategic spot and built extra defenses here, including a gate of which you can still see remains. After we examined this site to our teacher’s satisfaction, we headed back to the bus.

This is where our day got really interesting.

No paved roads go all the way to Gezer, so you have to hike through the mud or drive through the mud to get there. Our bus driver decided to drive. This was fine on the way there, but the way back was uphill, and our bus did not make it up.

After failing a few times at getting up the hill, we all piled out of the bus and started covering the road with rocks and branches. The bus still could not make it, so we all got back in and tried another road. We cruised for a while until we came to a dead stop. We got off the bus and found that the back right tire was half-way deep in the mud.


This time we tried a new method: brute strength. All of the guys got out of the bus and started pushing.

Let me just say that words cannot quite describe the exhiliration you feel when you put all of your weight (which is not much in my case) into the back of a stuck-in-the-mud bus and it begins to move forward.


After patting ourselves on the back, we got back on the bus and started to drive until we got stuck…again. This time we ended up pushing the bus quite a ways until it was clear that we would never make it to the paved road. At this point, we decided it was time to leave the bus behind, so we gathered up our stuff and hiked about a half-a-mile through the mud to the nearest paved road until another bus came. Then we were able to get on with the rest of our field trip.


I think the other bus is still there in the mud.

To be continued…

UPDATE: At 9PM local time, our bus was pulled the rest of the way through the mud by a tractor. I do not envy whoever had to wash that thing.


2 Responses to “What a Day”

  1. Meisha said

    Ben, I love your updates…seeing as I hear nothing from Lester! Glad things are going well…Oh, I wish I could be there with you guys, stuck in the mud and everything.

  2. Bill said

    Word. Dawg, thanks for another legit post about your experiences. Keep them coming and don’t be a stick in the mud!


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