What a Day, pt. 2

February 10, 2007

By noon of our Wednesday field trip, we had already had quite a day, but little did we know how much lay ahead of us.

When we got on our new bus, we headed across the Aijalon Valley to the Beth Horon Ridge Route, which has been a major route of transportation from antiquity to today. We headed up this route to a place called Newe Samuel. According to tradition, (probably incorrect tradition) this is the ancient burial site of the prophet/judge Samuel. On the top of this hill stands a large mosque, and from the roof of this mosque, you command quite a view of the Central Benjamin Plateau. You can see Jerusalem/the Mount of Olives, Gibeah, Ramah, Gibeon, Mizpah, and Bethel. By this time, the weather had cleared up, so we could see forever–it made for a great educational experience. Here’s me, David, and PC on top of Newe Samuel.


After Newe Samuel, we made our way down towards the Jordan Rift Valley on a seriously sketchy road. I don’t know if it classified as a two-lane road because our bus drive had to lay on the horn every time we went around a curve. At the bottom of this road, we came to the city of Jericho, where we stopped at Tel es-Sultan, which everybody agrees is the ruins of ancient Jerico. In this picture you can see Todd lecturing in front of the revetment/retaining wall. At the bottom of this wall, they found evidences of a wall that had “fallen down flat.”


Nothing beats reading a biblical story in the location where it actually occured. When you read the account of the Israelites marching around Jericho while you are sitting upon the ruins of that city, it is so easy to imagine what happened. You can see the hills of Moab in the distance, and you can see the hills the Israelites would have to climb to get to the rest of the Promised Land.

In Jericho we made a few other short stops. One was at a sycamore tree and the other was at the ruins of a Herodian Palace that looked like it was pretty sweet back in the day. Then we headed back up towards Jerusalem and home via the Ascent of Adummim. Along the way, we stopped at the Wadi Qilt, which is this rather large canyon that runs from near Jerusalem all the way to the Jordan. As we were there, the sun was setting, we could here the sound of running water below, we could see a sweet monastery built into the side of the canyon, we could enjoy our friends, and we could rest at the end of a long day. And what a day it was.



2 Responses to “What a Day, pt. 2”

  1. Bri said

    I love reading your blogs, you are a very good story teller! Plus, when you name all of this, I go back through and read about them. 🙂 It sounds like you are having a great time! Miss You!!

  2. Blakey,

    You are the “IT” factor man! Miss you tons!!! Say “hi” to all of the guys from all of Hotchkiss. Please pray, the Lord is exposing a lot of difficult issues in Hotchkiss, to which we are thankful for. We covet your prayers.


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