Herro Herodium

February 17, 2007

When we left Bethlehem on our last field trip, we headed out into the Judean Wilderness until we were met by this large hill.


This hill is called “Herodium” and was built by Herod the Great over 2000 years ago. He built it as a monument to a military victory, a fortress of refuge, a plush palace, and a burial plot. Every Herodian structure we have seen has been uber-impressive, and the Herodium is no exception. On the top of the hill you can find remains of the fortress that commanded quite a view, but at the bottom you see remains of what looked like a pretty sweet palace. One cool feature is a pool that apparently had an island in it. Can you pick it out in the picture below?


Our teacher, Todd, used the view to teach us about biblical events that had occured in the area, but when he was done, he set us loose on the ruins of the Herodium. So we set off exploring and taking sweet pictures.

These are the remains off the main tower off Herodium. Pretty impressive…


Here are some girls acting crazy on the ruins.


Some of us guys formed a band called “Rambam” and we used this opportunity to shoot some album artwork. This is the cover of our debut album–“13 Principles Going on 30.”


One our way out of the Herodium, we exited through large Herodian cisterns and tunnels that we used in the days of the Jewish revolts in the 1st and 2nd century. Here’s a sweet picture of Todd emerging into daylight at the end of the tunnel.


Let me just say that being able to run through and explore ruins of ancient fortresses is straight up cool.

Catch ya later.


3 Responses to “Herro Herodium”

  1. RD said

    Hey mon,
    keep up with the uber-sweet (thank you for the gaming language) cover pics. Keep them coming. Just want to let ya know i’m reading your blog on a regular basis. later! rd

  2. Steve said

    Dude! You joined another band?!? Whatever happened to the Generations worship band, also known as “Your Mom”?!?!?!?!? Ben, Your Mom will never be the same without you!!!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. see, I told you it was a funny name….

    By the way, “Herro Herodium” makes me laugh and grimace at the same time…

  3. catronea said

    I forgot to tell you that this is my favorite post title of all time…great work.

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