A Reading Revolution

February 25, 2007

I distinctly remember one year in elementary school when the Student Council organized a wonderful thing called “DEAR” week. At some random point throughout the school day, all the students had to Drop Everything And Read for ten minutes. I liked that week.

When teachers are passionate about something, a little bit of that fervor usually rubs off on the students. Randy Cook, one of the professors here at IBEX, loves reading. He constantly refers to different books he has read or is reading, and I must admit that all this talk of books is a bit inspiring.

Yesterday, I was reminded of a post a friend of mine put up a while back that quoted some thoughts Piper had written about reading. Specifically, it talked about how many books you could read if you simply committed 20 minutes a day to the task.

In light of all this, a few friends and I are decided to bring back DEAR week permanently. For at least ten minutes a day, we are going to set aside all the school books and read something else. The only book I brought to Israel besides schoolbooks and the Bible was Iain H. Murray’s Jonathan Edwards biography. Up until a few days ago, it sat upon my shelf collecting Israeli dust, but now I’m charging my way through the book at a pace of ten minutes a day.

So if you think you don’t have time to read, turn off to TV, log off Facebook, go to bed ten minutes later and Drop Everything And Read.


All of the sermons from last weekend’s Resolved Conference is available online for free. Go, download, listen.


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