Fun with Rick and ‘Rents

March 23, 2007

The highlight of IBEX since the Negev Trip has been the presence of friends and family.

The day after the Negev Trip arrived, my parents (along with a group of about 40 friends and family) arrived here in Israel. For most of the week, they were touring on their own, but we did get to accompany them on a few trips into Jerusalem. I have seen my parents do lots of things, but I have never seen them barter with Arab shopkeepers before. I’ll have to admit, they held their own. Here is a picture of them on top of Petra Hostel, with the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer and the Dome of the Rock in the background.


Early Friday morning, Rick Dennis arrived at the Moshav. He had been spending his Spring Break on a missions trip in the Cape Verde and decided to swing by Israel before heading back to the states. Rick’s arrival was exciting–Master’s Cup level exciting. I was clapping and giggling like a little girl when he got here. Casey and I were the only people who knew he was coming, so let’s just say we had fun at breakfast watching the reactions of our friends.

For most of the weekend, we all cruised around with the Friends and Family group, but Monday afternoon, we decided to use our time and tuition wisely and skip class. Rick, Casey, Besty, Laura, Whitney, Sarah, and I hopped in a Sherut and headed for Masada. When we arrived, they would not let us hike up the Snake Path, so we settle for the cable car and a longer tour of the top.


I enjoyed being able to go back to a place like Masada and remember the things we had learned there. Seeing Rick’s first time reactions only made the visit more fun.

Once we reached the bottom again, we cruised toward the Dead Sea. The shore was almost deserted, so the seven of us floated, found some mud, and floated some more.


Returning to these places was fun and exciting, but some of my favorite parts of the day were the sherut rides. I enjoyed catching up with Rick, as well as getting to know all my friends even better. We talked about friends, memories we have of childhood, times of spiritual growth, and how grateful we are for The Master’s College. We were all so thankful for how God has brought us to where we are and all the things he has taught us along the way. I remember watching my brothers go through TMC as grow so much, and I am now experiencing that blessing myself, and I praise the Lord for it!

Tomorrow, our group leaves for Galilee for the next eight days. I’m not planning on bringing my computer, so I will be out of the loop for the time being.



2 Responses to “Fun with Rick and ‘Rents”

  1. Roberta Blakey said

    It was a joy for us to spend time with you!

  2. RD said

    Amen, seriously that day was one of my favorites. Will I ever forget riding in a sherut with the drivers pictures up with that crowd again? I think not. Such an encouragement to me.

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