Step Onto Liquid

April 1, 2007


Last night, I returned from an eight-day field trip to the region of Galilee. The beginning of the trip already seems so long ago because of all that we have done in the last week. We studied hard; five of the eight days were set apart for Land and Bible, so we were learning about the geography and history of the places we visited. We played hard; we still had plenty of time to spend hanging out on the shore, hiking through beautiful valleys, listening to Israeli tanks practice, crossing the border into Jordan, and enjoying our friends. We learned and thought about the teachings of Jesus in the places where he actually gave them.

When I named my blog “Step Onto Liquid,” I was thinking about Matthew 14:22-33 and the story of Peter starting to walk on the water toward Jesus. Last week I tried to walk on the Sea of Galilee myself, but all I ended up doing was stepping into liquid. One of the highlights of the week for me was a boat ride on the sea. On the boat, we reviewed two stories from the life of Christ–Jesus calming the storm and walking on water. As I thought about these stories, I realized how incredibly applicable these stories are to me.

After stilling the sea, Jesus asks his disciples, “Why are you afraid, O you of little faith?”

While this query was meant as a rebuke for the disciples, it also challenges me. If Jesus came to me in the middle of the storms of my life, I get the feeling that he would ask me the same question. Why are you still afraid? How small is your faith?

Too often, Christians overlook worry and fear as minor sins. However, they are gross and directly attack the glory of God. Think about it. When you worry, you are basically saying, “God, I know about all the great things you have done. You created the world. I have read in the Old Testament about all the many ways you worked through your people in the Old Testament. I have studied the life of your Son. I know he stilled the stormy seas and walked on water. I know he rose again. And I believe that you have saved me and that I will be with you in heaven forever. BUT…I still do not trust you.”

Nothing about that kind of attitude qualifies as a “minor” sin. When you worry, you are going against everything you say you believe about God. If we really do believe what the Bible teaches about God, we should always have faith in the Lord.

This is just one of the many lessons from the Sea of Galilee trip that I hope to never forget.

For the next two weeks, we are back at the Moshav before we get a week for Travel/Study Break. (I’m going to Egypt.) So I am planning on blogging up Galilee for the next two weeks, so stay tuned.

I’ll wrap up this post with the words that Jesus spoke to Peter as he called him to step onto liquid.

“Take heart; it is I. Do not afraid.”

Those words still ring true.


3 Responses to “Step Onto Liquid”

  1. Roberta Blakey said

    It’s amazing how many times we act like all the truths about God don’t really matter in our situation. We need to let those truths transform our thinking and our actions. Thanks for the insightful post. Looking forward to more!

  2. Yo Bro! Awesome pic! Glad to hear you got to go to the inspiring scene for Step Onto Liquid but even more glad to hear about what you learned there! Keep up the blogging bro!

  3. Thanks Ben. I’ve been praying for the Lord to increase and strengthen my faith, not for more clarity. If the Lord so chooses to use a storm for Him to reveal Himself and to test my faith, then that’s what I want. I want what He wants. Thanks for the added encoragement to take heart. Keep learning and bloggin’!

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