Egypt: Conquered

April 22, 2007


At 10:15 PM on Saturday, April 22, 2007, Patrick Carmichael, Abi Cottrell, Whitney Krauss, and I strolled up the dark road that leads to Yad HaShmonah.

We were returning from a nine-day journey that had taken us through flash floods and sleepless nights to three different countries and a thousand good times. We spent eight of those days exploring the sights of the Egypt, from the pyramids to the temple at Abu Simbel to the frigid top of Mt. Sinai. We left without much a plan and returned to Israel thinking that we could not have planned a better trip.

There is no way that I can do justice to this trip in just one post, and there is also no way that I can do a series of posts now with how busy school will be for the next week. Therefore, one of my summer goals is to blog “The Egypt Chronicles,” which will tell the story of our amazing journey through words and pictures.

About a year ago, I remember reading a blog by Brad Smith about a trip he took to the land of Egypt. He talked about his adventures, but he also discussed Psalm 139 and how his experiences had brought his thoughts to this Psalm. And as I sat awake in the wee hours of the morning on a night train from Cairo to Luxor, all I could think about was Psalm 139. Even though I was in the midst of the most foreign experience of my life, God was there. The truth of his word remained constant, and I could enjoy the same nearness to God that I can enjoy here at the Yad or back in California. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me…

When we returned last night, we were surpised to find how much the Yad felt like home after our time in Egypt.

I was also surprised to find how much reading I still had for a Modern State book review that is due on Thursday, so now I am off to more reading from Thomas Friedman’s From Beirut to Jerusalem.

You should go read Psalm 139.



3 Responses to “Egypt: Conquered”

  1. Happy said

    Nice choice Ben. Fall 2004 found me reading that same book for that same class. Beautiful. Enjoy the last few weeks!

  2. Yo Bro,

    Glad to hear you had a good time! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  3. Brad said

    Ben, you went to Luxor? I went there once and that was enough it was so hot. Bring some pictures next time you’re in soCal, I’d love to hear about your trip.


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