The Happiest Weekend on Earth

May 16, 2007

Since midway through my time in Israel, I have been looking forward to my first weekend back in the States. Why? Because I would be spending time with some of my best friends in San Diego and then enjoying a few days with my family at Disneyland. My weekend started in Hotchkiss and ended at Disneyland, so here are a few pictures and thoughts from the happiest weekend on earth.


On Friday night, I attended my first TMC graduation as a student. I had been to my brothers’ graduations, but I did not anticipate how different this one would be. This time, I recognized the names of the people that were walking across the stage. They were not people I had met one time while visiting my brothers; they were people who had discipled me and been my RA, led singing for the 3rd graders at GComm with me, and roomed with me at IBEX. Also, the future seemed to be approaching rapidly as I watched my friends get their diplomas. Two years ago I watched my brother graduate, but two years from now I will be the one shaking JMac’s hand.

Enough of the ceremonies…

After graduation, a group including my roomate Jordan, his siblings (Charlotte and Tim), my RA and his sister (Rick and Katie Dennis), and my friends (Bailey Haigh, Ryan Patterson, and John Lafferty) headed down to Vista (near San Diego) to hang out for the weekend at Rick’s grandpa’s house to celebrate graduation. We slept in on Saturday, but then we headed to the beach.


The guys busted out the skimboards and showed off their prowess of gliding over the water.


We had a good time. Eventually, Rick and Tim felt compelled to dominate the high seas on Rick’s raft. Turns out the high seas can be rough…


The beach definitely feels better when you know you are not postponing some paper you should be working on.


Our time at the coast was just the beginning of our good times in San Diego. Turns out that all you need to have fun is a dictionary, paper, and a few pens. We played a few solid rounds of Dictionario (think Balderdash–you just pick your own word out of the dictionary.) I think only two people in our group were actually trying to come up with serious definitions. Most of us go straight for the funny, and although I had the time of my life in IBEX, I do not think I laughed that hard in Israel.



On Sunday, I met up with my whole family at Disneyland for a big Mother’s Day/Mom’s 50th Birthday celebration. For her birthday, she bought us passes. After a semester on the other side of the world, I definitely enjoyed catching up with the fam in such a magical environment.

I will never outgrow my love for Disneyland. The whole place oozes fun. During this trip, I took notice of the employees. Even driving through the parking lot, you do not feel like you are at a theme park owned and operated by teenagers (yeah, I’m talking to you, Six Flags.) Somebody who looks like he could be your grandpa takes your ticket as you come in, and all the employees are nice. While getting ice cream at a stand, Christa asked a worker how her day was going; she replied, “I work at the happiest place on earth.”

My favorite attraction at Disneyland is the Matterhorn (especially at night,) and our first night in the park, we walked on the ride three times in a row during the fireworks. As we flew down that beautiful, snow-covered mountain, the sky lit up above with the best pyrotechnic display I have ever seen. It made me happy (see face below.)


It was a big weekend for my super-cute nephew, Tyler. His dad, being diligent to train up his son in the way he should go, taught him how to feed the ducks at the Hungry Bear.


He also got to meet Mickey Mouse, which was definitely a highlight for him. As soon as he saw Mickey, his face lit up. He kissed Mickey’s nose as we gathered for a picture. But by the end of our time at DLand, he was one tired little dude.


Now I am settled back at the Blakey Cabana in Santa Clarita and looking for a job. While part of me would love to fast forward to SLS retreat and the beginning of school, I honestly am excited about this summer. I hope to read a lot, memorize Scripture, start studying for the LSAT, hang out with friends and family, prepare to serve Hotchkiss next Fall, take advantage of the pool in the backyard, and–you guessed it–blog. See ya next time.


One Response to “The Happiest Weekend on Earth”

  1. mrsdestroyer said

    Glad you had so much fun! I thought of you the other night when we were planning the camping trip and eating Oreo cookies. It reminded me of the trip when Bobby was one of the leaders. Hmm, the infamous meat/cheese song!

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