Nails in Our Pockets

May 22, 2007

Today I listened to C.J. Mahaney’s first message from this year’s Resolved Conference while I was driving down to LAX.

The sermon was entitled “The Suffereing Servant,” and to get straight to the point, the message was an exceptional look at the gospel from the text of Isaiah 53. One of his main points was that Christ died for us, even noting how many times personal pronouns like “we” and “us” are used. But he made his next point even more personal.

Christ died because of us. Isaiah says he was wounded for our transgressions and crushed for our iniquities. Our sin created the need for the cross; we are responsible for Christ’s death. Mahaney quoted Martin Luther as saying, “We all walk around with his nails in our pockets.”

I do not think about this aspect of the gospel enough; I too easily forget the connection between my sin and the cross. I think pride often keeps from making this connection. I don’t want to think that much about my sin and its terrible consequences.

Anyways, if you want to listen to the sermon, check it out at the Resolved website or the Resolved podcast in the iTunes Music Store. I’m sure Mahaney’s passionate words will help you go even deeper into the glories of Calvary.


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