Too Early

May 24, 2007

Not everything about IBEX was perfect. Exhibit A: The birds. Each morning, I would be awakened before my alarm clock by noisy birds about a foot from my head (through the wall.) While I usually enjoy the natural sounds of birds singing on a sunny day, I did not enjoy the sounds these birds were making. Why? It was simply too early.

This illustration brings me to American politics. Before I returned from Israel, I was surprised to read that the Republicans were already holding their first presidential debate. “It’s only May!” I thought. “The general election is still a year and a half away. It’s too early.”

When I returned home, I was able to watch some of the second debate, and I was disappointed in what I saw. So much of what was being said was just political noise. And it’s too early for that. I wish these guys were still spending more time governing and grappling with the big issues like the Middle East and our economy instead of fishing for supporters with juicy sound-bites for bait.

I hope voters do not feel pressured to pick a candidate yet. The Iowa Caucuses are still 7 months away. Watch the candidates and look for one that really seems to have a grasp of the issues. Right now if anyone asks me who will win or who I am voting for, my simple response is, “It’s too early.”


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