Speaking of Rivers…

May 27, 2007

My parents’ home is not located near a river, so I was surprised to find one rushing down the street as I left for church this morning. As I turned the corner I quickly discovered the source. A busted fire hydrant/water pipe had busted just up the street and was shooting water 40+ feet into the air. I don’t see that every day.


This car (above) was going for the free car wash.


It’s just been Buddy (my parents’ dog) and I at home this weekend. Don’t think that means it’s been a quiet weekend. Buddy and I probably provide 90% of the noise in the house anyways.

One thing I have enjoyed this weekend is reading blogs from the New Attitude Conference, a conference headed up by Joshua Harris for singles and young married people. The conference features the usual lineup (Mahaney, Mohler, Dever, and Piper, + Harris and Simmons.)

You can check out the live blogs with Challies and the Rebelution.

The theme of the conference is discernment, and in a few of the messages, I have noticed the topic of church involvement being mentioned. I certainly hope that my generation of Christians becomes passionate about the Word and devoted to the Church. That could mean exciting things.


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