Prayer–Just Do It

July 17, 2007

Over the course of this summer it seems as if I am hearing a sermon on prayer every other week. Dan Dumas, an associate pastor at my church, spoke once in our college group about prayer and another time at a Bible study on Dawson Trotman emphasizing his prayer life. My brother Bobby is preaching a series on prayer in his high school group, and I have heard two of those messages.

Dan Dumas made his intended application very clear in his sermon. “The point of this sermon is not to get you to go read a book about prayer,” he said. “I don’t want you to go home and study different verses about prayer. I want you to go home and pray.”

I am glad he said this because I know how easy it is for me to go think about prayer without actually praying more.

In his message this last weekend, Bobby went through a few verses about the prayer life of Jesus. He is often getting up early and going off to a quiet place to prayer. Scripture even mentions him continuing in prayer all night.

Often times I have read these passages and thought to myself, “Well, he was God; he didn’t need sleep like I do.” This thought is both a lame excuse and bad theology. I should be thinking, “If Jesus was God and spent this much time in prayer, how much more do I need to be spending time in prayer?”

No amount of time spent studying about prayer can ever replace time spent alone with God. And the more you talk with God, the more you enjoy talking your Father. And as you spend this time communing with him, you only grow more and more excited to see him face to face.


2 Responses to “Prayer–Just Do It”

  1. Roberta Blakey said


  2. Rick said

    your brother rocked…i’m keeping track of how much i pray this week

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