Revival 07

July 20, 2007

This afternoon I’m taking off for Lake Isabella until next Saturday to be a counselor at Revival 07–the summer camp for the high school group at Compass Bible Church. Needless to say, I will not be blogging.

I’m psyched out of my mind for this camp. First, this camp will be so fun that it will surely go down as the funnest week of many of these high schoolers’ lives. From dawn til dusk and beyond, the campers will be engaged in some form of fun activity or another, from team games to meal times to worship to tubing on the lake to hanging with friends to Starburst poker.

Second and most importantly, I eagerly anticipate what the Lord will do at this camp. Pastor Mike Fabarez will be teaching the campers all week from the story of the rich young ruler, and I am sure that the Lord will use his skilled and solid teaching to work in the hearts of these kids. I’m expecting people to get to saved. I’m confident that those who are seeking the Lord will grow this week.

So if you remember, please pray for Revival 07 this week. Hopefully I’ll post about it when I get back!


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