Revival Recap

July 30, 2007


Last Sunday morning, I sat upon a rock overlooking Lake Isabella and wrote in my journal that I had hardly ever been as excited at the outset of something as I was as the first day of Revival 07. On Monday morning, I read Psalm 74 which says, “Yet God my king is from of old, working salvation in the midst of the earth.” I remembering rereading this verse as we sang “How Great is Our God” that night and praying that the Lord would work salvation at camp that week.

He did.

Revival 07 was a spiritually exciting week, and I am thankful to the Lord that I was able to be a part of it. Yes, kids got saved, and it was thrilling to see kids pass from darkness into light. Also, I was encouraged by the zeal and growth I saw in many of the kids at the camp who were already disciples of Christ.

Pastor Mike Fabarez spoke each evening from the story of the rich young ruler. Clearly, his clear presentation of how to get eternal life impacted the kids, but his teaching also influenced me. It challenged me to put everything on the table as I consider the future and what I want to for God with my life. I do not know where he will direct me, but I want to be ready and willing to go wherever he leads.

I also believe that it goes without saying that Revival 07 was a super fun week. My team (the blue team known as the “Pain Train” pictured above) ended up winning the team competition for the week. Watching them execute our skit so well was a highlight of the week for me. Their effort and diligence in memorizing their memory verses was also encouraging to me.

Everyone at camp received a shirt that said “Revival ’07: the dawning of a new day.” As I left camp, I was thrilled to think that this great week was only the dawning of a new, bright, and glorious day of eternal life for many of these kids. The excitement of new life does not end with camp, and I have enjoyed following the youth group through their comments on blogs and Scripture at Godsong Music’s site.

While it’s true that I already can’t wait for Revival 08, I am eager to see what the Lord continues to do in the lives of these students during the next year!


One Response to “Revival Recap”

  1. BENN!! Revivalll wass soooo much fun with you there!! that is such a great way to sum up the week!! Thanx soo much for helpin out!!!

    ooo and one more thing…

    can i get a pain train on three 1 2 3 PAAAIIINNNN TRAAAIINNNNNN!!! hahaha

    pain train reunited!

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