Oregon Trail

August 6, 2007

Honestly, what is summer without a roadtrip?

This last weekend, I set out with my roommate, Jordan Thiesen, and his sister, Charlotte, on the trail to Oregon. The reason behind our roadtrip was the wedding of Chris Venables. He started at Master’s the same time Jordan and I did, and since Hotchkiss is a perpetual breeding ground for great friendships, we became friends fast. It was a joy to see Chris get married; I’m excited for him and Becca as they start their new life together. Here is a pic of all the Master’s people at the wedding!


Before the wedding, the weekend offered many opportunities to hang out. All of the guys went out and saw “The Bourne Ultimatum” the night before. I enjoyed it exceedingly more than the first two Bourne movies. Between the rehearsal dinner and eating at Taco Delite, we were all able to catch up. It was great.

On the way back to Southern California, Jordan and I decided to act upon a whim and go up to Hume Lake on Sunday afternoon. Some friends of ours formed a band called Chasing Cadence and are leading junior high worship at the camp this summer. PC, my roommate from IBEX, is the lead singer.


The band did a stellar job in the two sets I saw them. PC does a great job leading the kids in worship and taking time to talk about the songs. These guys are solid, musically and spiritually. They introduced an original song to the kids called “Unending Praise.” You should check it out here. Here is a shot of the whole band.


Jordan and I slept out on the deck at his family’s cabin and watched an incredible display of shooting stars. The heavens indeed tell of God’s glory. We enjoyed great conversation about where our lives were heading, and the conversation ended where our lives ultimately will–heaven. I’m glad that my brother and Tim Thiesen thought it would be a good idea for me and Jordan to room together; it was.

On our way back the mountain, Jordan and I stopped to take a couple pictures by King’s Canyon. Here are the best.



Overall, it was a great week of fun, fellowship, and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.

And in case the title of this post had you wondering, we did not ford any rivers, we did not see any buffalo stampedes, and no one died of dysentery.


4 Responses to “Oregon Trail”

  1. Bri said

    Wow, you really know how to strike a pose.

  2. B Cat said

    Are those boot cut jeans I see? Well done my friend…well done….

  3. Meisha said

    I hated that game…I always died…I would have nightmares about that game because all of my family always died!

  4. Rick said

    In this game, My brother would name everyone members of our immediate family and then head off at a grueling pace, i’d get yelled at from the hall “rick, you just fell off the wagon and broke your arm” and then we would all proceed to die and my sister would make it alone to Oregon where she didn’t even want to go in the first place. It was fun shooting the rabbits, or jenny’s brother? So glad you went ben, i’m super happy for chris.

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