Back to School and to Blogging

August 28, 2007


Victory is sweet, indeed, and the taste never gets old. Last Thursday night, the men of Hotchkiss “protected the name” for the second straight year by winning the Master’s Cup, a huge inter-dorm competition. In some ways, this victory was even better than last year’s. Because we were defending the cup, everyone was gunning for us. Also, we had to endure quite a bit of anti-Hotchkiss sentiment before the competition.

Hotchkiss has a silent tradition. When we walk into the gym for the cup, we are silent and straight-faced. We do not shout, scream, stomp, or cheer like other dorms. We mean business–we are there to win. Other dorms usually give us a hard time about this. This year, one guy said, “At least our dorm is allowed to have fun.” What that guy does not know is this: Winning the Master’s Cup is extremely fun.

But now that the cup has been protected and all the returning students have made their way back to campus, classes have begun yet again. This semester, I’m diving into my major-requirements and taking Intro to Political Research, U.S. Constitutional History, and The Judicial Process. For a Bible requirement, I’m taking Christian Theology II. I am excited to study the different areas of theology we will cover in this class (especially eschatology). On top of these classes I’m taking Business Communications for “fun.” This class does not fulfill any requirements for me, but I keep hearing that it may be the most practical class I’ll ever take, so I decided to take it anyways.

After seeing all of my syllabuses, I am now confident that this will be an intense academic semester. When I told another student at lunch that I have to write 11 papers this semester, he simply responded, “That’s gross.”

Needless to say, I am back to school. Hopefully, I’ll be back to blogging as well. My goal for the semester is one or two posts a week, and I still plan on finishing the Egypt Chronicles.

Until next time, we got the cup.


2 Responses to “Back to School and to Blogging”

  1. Rick said

    My friend…well put…i hope that guy realizes his fun simply was a fleating pleasure, but hotchkiss has the fun that will last. That’s what’s really important in life. Hey..happy bday by the way. later!

  2. BMS said

    Happy Birthday Blakey!

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