How Could I Possibly be Sad?

August 30, 2007

Men are silly creatures. One way in which we display this silliness is how easily we become saddened or worried. Even if life is good–real good–it does not take much for our perspective to change and our outlook to darken.

But recently as I have faced situations where I am tempted to be saddened or worried about silly things, I find myself asking, “How could I possibly be sad right now?” Here are a few reasons I’ve been saying this.

God has given me…

…a great Savior. There is nothing I am more thankful for than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All of my sins have been nailed to the cross, and the record of debt that stands against me has been wiped away. Even though I was once an enemy, God has adopted me as his son and given me an eternal inheritance.

…a wonderful family. Few things can cause more grief or joy in life than family circumstance, and I am grateful that my family has constantly been one of the greatest reasons for joy in my life. And as I get older, I am finding that family life only gets better with age. Every teenager thinks they know more than their parents, but now I find myself going to them more and more often seeking wisdom and advice. My brothers and I used to have Nerf wars and play with POGS, and while that was fun, it does not compare to the joy that comes from serving with each other and encouraging one another in ministry.

…great friends. One of the biggest blessings of being a student at The Master’s College is the privilege of being surrounded by so many great people. I thank the Lord for the many friendships I have formed during my time here. I have had so much fun with people, whether it has been during road trips to Yosemite, a semester in Israel, or late nights in the dorm or at Starbucks. But more than all the fun, I have been so blessed to have friends that genuinely love the Lord. I constantly find my faith strengthened by theirs.

…a good shepherd. Over the past week, I have heard two sermons on Psalm 23, and I know that throughout this next year, I will be opening to this Psalm often because of the amazing truths it contains. The Lord is my shepherd, and he is constantly leading the way for me. And because he is with me, I shall not want, and I shall not fear.

Today is my 21st birthday, and I want nothing over this next year more than to stay close to the good shepherd. When I am with him, I have no reason to worry or to be sad.


3 Responses to “How Could I Possibly be Sad?”

  1. ko said

    Benjamin, thanks for that post…it was impeccably timed. Happy Birthday, B-squared!

  2. Yo Bro!

    Happy Birthday! As one who has had the privilege and pleasure of being there for all 21 years, it has been a blessing to watch you grow up dog! I think that all of your family and friends would say that we have been encouraged by you! I am excited to see what the Lord is going to do with you over these next years as you seek to serve Him. The best is yet to come!

  3. JLaff said

    I love you man. keep hotchkiss real. and i’ll keep it isREAL. hahahha.

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