Don’t Be Lame

September 11, 2007

One of my favorite things in the world is The Master’s College. One of my favorite things about TMC is chapel. And one of my favorite things about chapel is Dorm Chapel. A few times a semester, instead of meeting in the gym with the entire student body, all the students divide into their dorms for chapel. While chapel is always sweet, I have particularly loved the mornings I have spent with the men of Hotchkiss in BSC 100. Hotchkiss Men dorm chapel usually consists of singing, testimonies, a word of exhortation from Ona (our RD), and an offering for Yiga (the Compassion International child we sponsor.)

Last Friday, Ona ended dorm chapel with “23 Ways to Be Lame.” Clearly, he was exhorting us to stay away from these ways of lame spiritual living. One particular way that stood out to me was #15–Don’t share the gospel. It seems that evangelism is always a convicting topic for me. It is so easy for me to get comfortable and forget about the world around me that is perishing without Christ. That’s lame.

Along with Ona’s exhortation came an opportunity. Earlier in dorm chapel our ASB Chaplain, Ryan Patterson, presented an opportunity to share the gospel that night through Skid Row Ministry. After debating for while (and taking a nap after class), I decided to go. So Friday night came, I drove downtown with friends, we passed out tacos, we shared the gospel, and we came back.

I do not have any incredible stories to tell about Friday night. Nothing too monumental happened. I did not see anyone get miraculously changed. But as I went to bed late that night, I knew that I had changed. My trip to Skid Row taught me the importance of action. Again, it is easy for me to make excuses like “Going down to Skid Row on one Friday night won’t make a difference” or “That person probably won’t listen” or “There is no way I could follow up with this person, so why share the gospel at all.”

All of those excuses are lame.

Yes, there are certainly things to be said for commitment, persistence, lifestyle, and follow-up in evangelism, but another crucial element is simply getting of your rear and taking the gospel to the streets. There are so many things I do not know about evangelism–so many ways I know the Lord will have to lead. But it’s easier to be led by the Lord when you are moving towards him and towards others than when you are sitting on the sidelines.

Moral of the story: Don’t be spiritually lame. Get in the game. Share the gospel.


5 Responses to “Don’t Be Lame”

  1. Yo Bro!

    Thanks for this strong encouragement to share the gospel. If our mission is to make disciples then this is an essential element in the life of every Christian. Jesus made an extremely strong statement about how important it is to acknowledge Him before men in Matthew 10:32-33. Like you said, I have said and heard so many lame excuses why we don’t evangelize. I think that the secret of evangelism is doing it.

  2. John said

    YES BEN! who doesn’t love Skid row? Glad that God has chosen to let you taste the pleasure of serving HIM because He is holy! What a great God we serve. What a distinct privilege it is to serve. Yet, it is not the servant who is glorified by the service, but rather the Master. Thanks for the encouragement. don’t be lame!

  3. Rick said

    Right on man… just try it…any time there is an urge, whispering, wondering…”should I ask the person in front of me if they go to church, or what does being religious mean? Don’t wonder if you should do it, just do it. So many times I would go back and forth, but if i went forth, the Lord always honored it and at the end of the day, “that wasn’t so bad.”

  4. Kim Beals said

    Hey Ben!
    I havent been visiting the blog world for quite some time, and thought I would catch up! I stumbled across this post and was really excited to see that you went down to Skid Row a while back! I volunteer there every week at an after school program with kids from the area, and it was really encouraging to see people take an interest in the area and the people down there!
    The exortation to not be lame was very encouraging, and I pray that God will keep me from letting lame excuses get in the way of my serving Him!
    Thanks for the post, and I hope things are going well!!
    Riptide pride! :]

  5. Ha! I was there for that! it was so great. Oh, and you guys really encouraged me in that, so we’re trying to get the same type of skid row ministry going on up here in Sacramento.

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