Gospel Me

October 2, 2007

Last week, my small group started a new exercise we like to call “Gospel Me.” It was inspired partly by Scott Burns of NorthPoint EV Free in Corona and partly by Peter Barber of Generations–my Bible study. “Gospel Me” works like this: When you see another small group member in the hallway, in their room, in the bathroom, or around campus and you say, “Gospel Me,” they have ten seconds to give you the good news of Jesus Christ.

In order to help prepare us for this, we looked at a number of passages that capsulize the gospel, like 1 Cor. 15:3-4, 2 Cor 5:21, John 3:16, Titus 3:3-7 and many more.

Yes, the exercise may seem a bit silly, and it has not caught on like wild fire, but the point of this practice is crucial. Christians must constantly be reminded of the gospel! If we do not constantly refresh our minds with the truth that we were dead in our sins but made alive in Christ, our spiritual lives will suffer. Our joy will be weak, and our anxieties will be strong. Our evangelism will slack. Our worship will grow cold. Our sanctification will slow down.

If we want to avoid these pitfalls, we need to be continually preaching the gospel to ourselves and our friends. Memorize some of those verses that capsulize the gospel. Write the gospel on a 3×5 card and look at it daily. Preach it to yourself as your reach for the alarm clock in the morning. Instead of beginning your prayers with the standard “thank you for this day,” thank God that he delivered you from this present evil age.

Until next time, gospel me.


2 Responses to “Gospel Me”

  1. ona said

    blakey!!! wow, great idea to implement within this context! thanks for your service to the guys here for the kingdom!

  2. […] Ben Blakey, posted an idea that I think is really cool. His small group invented an exercise call ‘Gospel Me’. The premise of it is […]

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