Sanity in Insanity

October 23, 2007

Let’s face it: sometimes life gets CRAZY! Lately, my schedule has been filled with papers, books, exams, soccer games, Bible studies, and all the random things that college life entails. In addition to that, Southern California has literally caught on fire since Sunday.

A couple weeks ago, I was able to sit down and write out a few things I wanted to remember during the busiest time of the semester.

Remember that it’s all about God, not about you. It’s easy for me to start thinking things like, “I have so much I have to do.” I quickly forget that everything I do should ultimately be for the glory of God. Remembering that it’s all about God can be a very liberating thought. Suddenly, all the things I have to do are no longer boxes on my “to-do list;” they are ways to glorify God.

Remember the gospel. Whether life is good or bad, busy or calm, Christians always need to remember the gospel. When my life is crazy, there is nothing more important for me than to recall that I was dead in my sins and headed to hell but God saved me and gave me eternal life in Christ. The beauty of the gospel always helps to give perspective, and nothing brings joy to a stressful day like remembering that all my sins of been forgiven.

Keep your best friends close. My brother gave me this advice. When life gets busy, you lose touch with your closest friends–even your roommates. You might still see them, but conversations are brief and sometimes rushed. In the midst of craziness, I have found I must fight for time with those closest to me. Taking a break and making a Wal-Mart run with your roommate can make a big difference in the midst a research paper and an exam.

Enjoy. If you want to learn this principle, read Ecclesiastes. There is nothing better than for a man to enjoy his labor. Whether I’m practing music for Bible Study, sitting in class, or researching Harvard Law Review articles in the library at 11pm, I need to remember to enjoy what I’m doing! All the different work God has given me to do is a gift!

That’s all for now. Until next time, seriously pray for the fires in Southern California and all those that are displaced. Also, pray that this situation would create opportunities for the gospel!


2 Responses to “Sanity in Insanity”

  1. AustenD said

    Thanks! Very true, especially the point about keeping your friends close. It’s all too easy to drift apart when you get busy, and we must fight against that!

  2. Monica said

    Hi Ben! I found your site through Christa’s recent posts she liked…thought I would check it out, too. Your reminders hit home for me, thanks for blogging. Remembering is not always a bad thing, I’ve realized that myself. People always tend to forget things that have contributed to who they are, and if it changed your life it’s definitely worth remembering! 🙂

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