Driving South to True North

December 3, 2007

I have spent more hours on the freeways of Southern California this semester than the rest of my life put together. Do I love sitting in traffic? No. But do I love the wonderful opportunity I have had to serve the high school ministry at Compass Bible Church this semester? Yes. And that is what I am thankful for today as the thanks-a-thon continues at Step Onto Liquid.

Each weekend I head down to Aliso Viejo to lead singing at True North, the high school ministy at Compass Bible Church. Here are a few reasons I am thankful for this opportunity.

-The church is legit. Every time I am there, I am encouraged and challenged by the teaching. I also love the church’s passion for ministry in South Orange County.

-God is working in the high school group. This morning, one high schooler shared how he got saved last month. (Read his testimony here.) He and some other students have started praying in the Quad at their school each morning before school. Students from True North are leading evangelism lunches at their schools; they also are reading Scripture and commenting on it at their Scripture of the Day website.

-I get to hang out with my family. Another highlight of driving south to the OC is that I get to hang out with my brother, Bobby; his wife, Christa; and their son, Tyler. My nephew is a stud!


4 Responses to “Driving South to True North”

  1. Monica said

    “Thanks-a-thon”, I love it! Ben, it is so cool how you’ve gotten involved in Compass even though it is a drive for you. I am learning how legit the church and people there are, and I look forward to going there too. (and of course seeing Bobby, Christa and Tyler, what a plus!)

  2. Monica said

    Sorry, I linked my site wrong!

  3. Yo Bro,

    On this one the thanks definitely works both ways. We are so happy to have you lead us in worship these weeks! Thanks for serving us!

  4. Brad said

    Our couch is open any time.

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