Give Me a Break

December 21, 2007

Last Thursday I turned in my absolute last thing of the semester, a paper for Dr. Stead’s U.S. Constitutional History class. As I turned the paper into his box, I expected a rush of excitement to come over me and explode into a good Dean Scream as I sprinted back to Hotchkiss. However, a wave of exhaustion hit me, and as I walked back to the dorm I almost literally fell asleep in the middle of the soccer field.

It was a long, crazy semester. SLS Retreat feels like it was two years ago. But as I walked back from North Campus last Thursday, I couldn’t help but realize how many ways the Lord had blessed me this semester. One way that came to mind was that I did not get sick all semester! Well, that was until last Friday night, when I did get sick. It was pretty bad, but it would be ungentlemanly of me to elaborate.

All that to say, Christmas Break is here! Four weeks of no homework! I spent the first week of it bouncing around SoCal, hanging with the fam in the OC, chillin with my grandpa in Santa Barbara, working at a basketball tournament at school, and watching the local news with the Crawfords (which can actually be pretty entertaining.) Today I arrived in Texas, where I will be staying with my parents for the next three weeks.

Here’s what I hope to accomplish over the break:

Sleep. Oh yes. It will be nice when 9 hours a night is the norm, not 6.

Hang with the fam and old high school friends.

Watch all three Lord of the Rings extended editions. Honestly, it’s been too long.

Read. I do not have any uber-ambitious plans here, but I am working on A Heart for God and hope to finally ready Future Grace this break. I also want to stay current on reading the news while I’m here in Texas, especially as the primaries get underway.

Pray and Plan for the future. I want to spend time thinking through what I want to do after college. This probably will involve starting to study for the LSAT.

Memorize. I was not too consistent with memorizing Scripture over the semester, so I’d like to be more diligent with this over break. I’m starting with John 1:1-18.

Call. I want to keep in touch with my friends back at school. Thankfully, I’ve already been able to do a lot of this so far.

Rejoice. Like every Christmas, I want to spend time rejoicing in what God has done in sending his Son for us! I think John 1 and its discussion of the Word becoming flesh deserved more attention at Christmas time, so it is the focus of my personal Christmas meditation/rejoicing this year.

While it may not sound like a lot, I’m sure all of this will keep me busy for the next three weeks until I return to California for another semester.


2 Responses to “Give Me a Break”

  1. Bill said


    Sounds like a great plan for the break! Way to not waste it. Looking forward to spendingthe next week with you!

    Bill and Cory

  2. KL Gang said

    Ummm…where is…”Taco night/game night with the Langenbergs?” Done and done! Was fun hanging with you — Pound it!

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