Crazy World

December 27, 2007

Today the world news has been dominated by the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Twice the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Bhutto was again running for Parliament, and many expected her party to win in the upcoming elections and her to be named Prime Minister.

On the day she returned from a self-imposed exile in October, Bhutto survived an assassination attempt that killed 140 people. Many suppose that these attacks were the work of Islamic extremists, who do not like Bhutto’s favoring of democracy or the fact that she is a woman. This terrible assassination shows that Islamic extremist terrorism is alive and well.

The events of today have made me view the current American election process in a bit of a different light. I must admit that it is easy for me to become dissatisfied with it. I can complain about how there are no candidates I am psyched out of my mind about or how the process has become two years long. In the midst of these thoughts, I forget to be thankful for the process itself. None of the major candidates in this election have had to survive multiple assassination attempts from suicide bombers. None of them has faced exile from their country for political reasons. These considerations have made me more appreciative of the political situtation in America, as well as more aware of the dangerous ones around the world.

In other news, so much for peace on earth and goodwill toward men at the Church of the Nativity two days after Christmas.


2 Responses to “Crazy World”

  1. pna4266 said

    That story of the Church of the Nativity is sad. Its even more sad to have been there to see what a mess it is. As for Bhutto, it reminds me of how fragile the political situation still is over there. I liked her.

  2. stephencrawford said

    Thanks for your thoughts, Ben. Insightful and challenging, as usual. You’re like a mini-Gunner.

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