Pay Attention ’08–New Hampshire!?

January 8, 2008

If you think politics is predictable, you’re wrong.

This summer political pundits, staffers, and donors thought John McCain’s presidential campaign was done. Tonight he won a fairly decisive victory in the New Hampshire primary with 37% of the vote. (Romney came in second with 32%.)

This weekend, the voices of politics began to announce the death of the Clinton campaign as Barack Obama was bound to win in the New Hampshire. Many polls showed him with a double-digit lead. Tonight, Hillary Clinton won the New Hampshire primary with 39% of the vote over Obama’s 37%.

A few thoughts from me:

I’m starting to like McCain more and more. I’m impressed by how he has stuck by his positions (primarily the war and immigration.) On many issues, especially the surge, McCain took an unpopular position that ended up being right. He can look back and say, “I’ve been saying this all along.” Even my brief time in a peaceful part of the Middle East made me start looking for a candidate that could lead America in foreign policy. McCain shows signs of intelligence and leadership in this area. I’m interested to see how he does.

I’m also beginning to feel a somewhat cautious optimism about this election year, not necessarily an optimism for Republican victory in November. But I have begun to hope for an election in which the issues are discussed honestly and openly and then the voters come out in droves to decide.

Finally, this is only the beginning. Among the Democrats in Iowa and New Hampshire and the Republicans in Iowa, Wyoming, and New Hampshire, five contests have been held in which real American voters have gone to caucuses and polling places to vote for a president. The voters have chosen five different winners. Nothing is over. This nomination process could full of twists and turns and ups and downs before it is over.

May the best candidates win.


One Response to “Pay Attention ’08–New Hampshire!?”

  1. Matt said

    sounds like this year’s election will be fun.
    see you in a couple days!!

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