Do You Crave It?

January 10, 2008

One Monday night this last semester I was walking down Hotchkiss Upper Front when I stopped to talk to my friend and wingmate Adonis. We discussed our night classes, and he asked me if I liked my major (which is Political Studies.)

“Yeah,” I responded.

He replied with one more question, and these words have stuck with me ever since. His follow-up query showed that he understands that a vast difference exists between liking something and longing for something. He asked, “Do you crave it?”

On Christmas night, I had a long conversation with my brother Billy, his wife Cory, and my father. We discussed various aspects of ministry and noted the importance that every Christian understand the gospel and desire the Lord. A key sympton of these deficiencies is a lack of time in the Word. As we conversed, I began to think to myself, “When it comes to the things of the Lord, do we crave it?”

Do we really seek to glimpse the beauty of the gospel? Each and every one of us is a sinner deserving judgment, but even while we were in this hopeless condition, God sent his son to die for us. Everyone who repents and believes in Jesus receives forgiveness of their sins. They find eternal life and are reconciled to God through adoption as children. And as children of God, we have an inheritance that cannot fade away reserved for us in heaven. Do we crave the gospel?

Have we really tasted and seen that the Lord is good? Everything we have is a gift from God. Each day he unloads his goodness and mercy upon his children. He tells us that no matter what happens to the Christian, God will work it out for good. No matter how long we live, we will never see the end of God’s faithfulness. Do we crave the Lord?

Can we get enough of the Bible? No one can truly glimpse the beauty of the gospel or taste and see that the Lord is good without the Scriptures. Through his word, God tells us the gospel and communicates who he is. How can it be that many Christians neglect to read the Bible? These words are our life. Do we crave God’s Word?

As I return to The Master’s College for the Spring 2008 semester, I want it to be characterized by an intense, personal craving for the Lord. And as I serve on Hotchkiss Upper Front, I pray that we collectively long for the Lord, glory in the gospel, and meditate on God’s word.

In the midst of an environment like a church or The Master’s College where liking the things of the Lord is easy, there is an important question we must all ask ourselves:

Do you crave it?


One Response to “Do You Crave It?”

  1. What a very interesting question to ask yourself, as well as an eye opening question. Because of course anyone would answer with a “yes ofcourse” but when you sit down and think about it, and think of the oppurtunities you had this week to show that you crave it by your actions, some people might say they don’t.

    Thank you Ben for the blog, it really made me thing, keep it up!!!

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