Pay Attention ’08–Michigan Primary

January 16, 2008

Here’s the scoop:

Romney wins. The race is wide open. Romney, McCain, and Huckabee have each won a major primary/caucus so far, and Gulianni still looms on the distance. Many who counted Romney out are counting him back in; I am learning to not listen to all the pundits who want to draw too many conclusions after every debate or primary.

So keep paying attention. And be looking forward to forward to February 5–Super Tuesday. Many states (including California and New York) hold their primaries on this important day. If you live in California, make sure you are ready to vote!

Here the official results:

Romney- 39%
McCain- 30%
Huckabee- 16%
Paul- 6%
Thompson- 4%
Guliani- 3%

Hillary won the Democratic contest, but Obama was not on the ballot due to technical difficulties. Don’t worry; that race is still wide open, too.


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