Pay Attention ’08–Who Knows?

January 19, 2008

Here are today’s results:


Hillary Clinton 51%
Barack Obama 45%
John Edwards 4%

Mitt Romney 51%
Ron Paul 14%
John McCain 13%

John McCain 33%
Mike Huckabee 30%
Fred Thompson 16%
Mitt Romney 15%

-Some are now saying it is a McCain-Romney-Huckabee race. Thompson was depending on a strong showing in South Carolina; many are ruling him out. Gulianni got 2% in South Carolina; if he doesn’t win Florida, he may be finished. But anyway you slice it, the race is still wide open. Many in the Republican base are not happy with McCain’s “front-runner’ status.

-Many are noting how Hispanics voted for Hillary over Obama in Nevada. If this trend continues, it may help Hillary in other important states. Speaking of trends, older voters are voting Clinton; younger ones are voting Obama. As far as John Edwards goes, it’s looking pretty dismal for his campaign.

-Who knows where this thing could go? There are still so many possibilities for who could could become a nominee. And beyond the primaries, I’m amazed the Republicans might actually have a chance (especially if Hillary is nominated.)

-I found a quiz on that is supposed to match you up with a candidate. The three candidates it gave me were 1) Duncan Hunter (who just dropped out), 2) John McCain, and 3) Rudy Gulianni.

-Keep paying attention:
January 26- Democratic South Carolina Primary
January 29- Florida Primaries


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