Back to the Never-Ending Grind

January 21, 2008

All vacations must come to an end. My winter break ends tomorrow as I dive back in for another semester of college!

Honestly, it’s nights like tonight when I feel my nerdiness the most. I am way too excited to start school again.

Here’s the class load:
New Testament Survey II (with Doc Halstead, so I will be doing outlines)
Foundations of Science (more commonly known as Foundations of Sheol–most hated GenEd class)
Machiavelli (with Dr. Frazer)
American Political Thought II (with Dr. Stead and four other students)
Foreign Missions Prep (I am signing up to go to Uganda this summer with a Master’s missions trip)
Possibly Sermon Prep, but I think I might drop it now that I am signed up for Missions Prep
Collegiate Singers
RA Class

College is busy and difficult, but at the same time it is way too much fun. I am excited for another semester of classes at TMC and life in Hotchkiss.

During RA re-entry, one of the Resident Directors (Gunner Gundersen), led the guy RAs in a discussion on prayer. The discussion was framed around one big question:

What would your life look like if you believed everything the Bible said about prayer?

This is a powerful question because prayer is a powerful thing because our God is powerful. I hope this semester is shaped by prayer more than any semester yet.

And here is one practical application: I just got off the phone with Victor Martinez, a guy on my wing. His sister just had a baby, but she lost a lot of blood and was not doing well. Now she is doing worse. (The baby is fine.) If you read this blog, please pray for Victor and his sister. Pray that God would bring her back to health. Pray that Victor would be confident in the Lord. Pray that this would open up opportunities for the gospel. She is being moved and operated on tomorrow so please pray.

“The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”
-James 5:16


3 Responses to “Back to the Never-Ending Grind”

  1. catronea said

    A. I used to call it Foundations of Sheol!!!!!!

    2. Collegiate singers? Really, Ben? Really?

    D. Thanks for the encouragement to pray…will do on Victor’s sister’s behalf.

  2. KL Gang said

    Several years ago, I remember someone sharing a definition of prayer with me as “expressing your dependence on God.” Dependent! So when I fail to pray be it through praise, adoration, thanksgiving, confession or petition, it is nothing short of my PRIDE failing to see my NEED for Him. What better place and attitude to have “continually” than to be UTTERLY dependent on Him though, huh? Have a great semester, Nerd.

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