Pay Attention ’08–Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

February 1, 2008

The stage is set for a political showdown in each party. You might even say that the race has reached the “Final Four.”

It is essentially a two-person (can’t say “two-man” anymore) race in both parties. For the Democrats, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton continue to slug it out in a contest in which there is no clear front-runner. On the Republican side, John McCain and Mitt Romney have established themselves on top of the field. (Some Huckabites might disagree, but even though he may win a state or two on Super Tuesday, I have as big a chance of getting the nomination.) Between McCain and Romney, McCain’s victory in last Tuesday’s Florida Primary has given him a slight advantage at the moment.

So what’s next?

Well, after the Super Bowl has played out, all eyes will turn to the biggest political contest yet in 2008–Super Tuesday, which calls a semi-national primary. A whole slew of states will have their primary contests this day–including California, New York, and Illinois. Hundreds of delegates are at stake, and I will finally get to cast my own vote (not totally sure who I’m voting for yet, but I might post on that Monday.)

I think McCain will do better than Romney on Super Tuesday, but neither will get enough delegates for the nomination. As for the Democrats, I have no idea. Dr. Stead, my American Political Thought II professor, is hoping for a brokered convention.

This is only getting started–keep paying attention.


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