Out of Africa

July 3, 2008

Team Uganda at the Source of the Nile

Team Uganda at the Source of the Nile

Yes. Contrary to popular opinion, I am alive and back from Africa.

God was very good (as he ALWAYS is) and blessed Team Uganda’s time. I can’t really rehash the whole trip here and now. I blogged (along with Amanda) for the team at Master’s website, so I would encourage you to check that out for more details about the trip.

I am grateful for the opportunity I had to go on this trip! The ministry opportunities we had were very exciting, and I know that the Lord taught me many lessons on this trip. Here a few of them:

-From the missionaries: Discipleship is SO important. And that includes everything from evangelism to training pastors to hanging out with high school students! That makes me excited about the rest of the summer and this next school year.

-From my teammates: Consider others more important than yourself. When I am in an uncomfortable situation, it is so easy for me to think about myself. But my teammates constantly set and convicting example of selflessness. When the going got tough, my team got going in serving others.

-From traveling: When in Africa, one is more concerned about contracting some deadly illness or getting dismembered in a car accident (or by a lion). However, it does not take long to realize that those same things can happen in America (maybe not as much the lion, but watch out for tigers in San Francisco). The reality is we have no control over our lives. If God wants us to die today, there are about 1001 ways that can happen. The lesson learned: Life is fleeting; live every moment for God.

I will spend the rest of my summer as a youth intern at Compass Bible Church. Three of these weeks will spent camping with junior high and high school students. I am psyched out of my mind for this opportunity to serve and disciple here! Hopefully I’ll be bouncing in and out of the blogosphere over the next few weeks.


Hugh, Adam, Julius, me, Charles, and Steve outside a church where we put on a conference

From left: Hugh, Adam, Julius, me, Charles, and Steve outside a church where we put on a conference


One Response to “Out of Africa”

  1. dru moore said

    Welcome back Ben. I’m glad to hear that your trip went well. Praise the Lord!

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