Past, Present, Future

July 24, 2008

Beth tagged me to do one of these, and this will be my last access to the internet for two weeks, so here goes.

20 years ago I…
1. was two years old.
2. did not have a clue about what was going on in the world.
3. lived in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

10 years ago I…
1. repented of my sin and put my faith in Christ
2. watched my oldest brother go off to college
3. spent my days chillin in Mr. Armstrong’s class at Believer’s Academy

5 years ago I…
1. was working as a telemarketer.
2. was fired from being a telemarketer.
3. attended Survival Camp for the first time!

3 years ago I…
1. graduated as Valedictorian of my graduating class of six.
2. attended the Rehrer’s memorial service.
3. moved into HOTCHKISS! (still one of the most legit moments of my life)

1 year ago I…
1. returned from a semester of studying in Israel–possibly the happiest 3 1/2 months of my life.
2. listened to lots of John Piper while I worked as a street sweeper.
3. won The Master’s Cup for the second year in a row.

So far this year I…
1. saw Wicked with Team 20 Seconds.
2. served as the RA of Hotchkiss Upper Front.
3. went to Uganda on a TMC Missions Trip.

Yesterday I…
1. learned about how to be committed to expository teaching from Pastor Mike at the CBC staff meeting.
2. practiced with the band for Junior High Revival ’08.
3. attended True North Beach Night at Salt Creek Beach.

Today I…
1. went shopping to get some things for Revival.
2. ate lunch at In-N-Out Burger.
3. helped load two Budget trucks for Revival.

Tomorrow I will…*
1. be at Compass by 4:30am.
2. ride up to Lake Isabella.
3. help set up camp for Revival ’08.

In the next year I will…*
1. be Head RA in Hotchkiss and love every second of my senior year at TMC.
2. win The Master’s Cup for the third straight year.
3. start/continue figuring out what I will do with my life.

Who’s next? Ona, Phil, Kelly

*Lord willing


2 Responses to “Past, Present, Future”

  1. Matt said

    It’s nice to graduate valedictorian of a class of six… i did the same thing =)
    miss you my hotchkiss bro!

  2. kelly said

    Seriously???? You expect me to remember back 20 years ago? I can barely remember what I did yesterday!! 🙂 Was fun reading your answers though — I’ll see what I can think up in the next coming days, but don’t hold your breathe! 🙂

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