I have recently finished the busiest, coolest, and craziest summer of my life.

It started with a missions trip to Uganda, which was a whirlwind all by itself. In our six weeks their, my team went all over the country doing all kinds of things–from hacking through the bush with machetes to teaching at a pastors’ conference.

Immediately upon returning to the States, I began a six-week internship at Compass Bible Church. I spent three of those weeks camping with high school and junior high students. In the middle of this time, I made a trip to Washington with three of my closest friends to see two other close friends get married.

It never stops.

All in all, the Lord blessed my summer tremendously. He kept me busy, and in all the busyness of ministry he caused me to love him more and he taught me that love for him cannot be separated from a passion for his name and his kingdom.

Now I’m back at school and jumping right into another year of ministry in the dorms. I’m incredibly excited about one more year of serving in Hotchkiss–the happiest place on earth.

This afternoon, I am taking off to Palm Springs for the Servant Leadership Retreat, and we will all spend the week preparing to greet all the newbies to The Master’s College on Saturday.

All this to say, life and ministry never stop. But it’s all worth it because it’s all about the Lord and his glory.