OLD Dead People

September 5, 2008

I’m going to be spending lots of time this semester with old dead people. Between Intro to Philosophy, Christian Political Thought, and Intro to Constitutional Law, I will spend many hours reading the thoughts of those who have come and gone a long time ago. Occasionally, I might post some brief thoughts on some of my reading. This is probably an exercise mostly for my benefit to help me solidify what I’m learning, but I hope it will be interesting enough for anyone who might read.

Tonight I read about Tertullian, a Christian thinker from around 200 A.D. (Yeah, that’s a long time ago.) One interesting thing he talks about is Christians in the military. (For those of you who aren’t in “The Master’s Bubble”, my professor is a Christian pacifist, so this is a very debated and interesting topic around here.) Tertullian speaks against Christians in the military, but the interesting thing is that his reason is not the typical “Christians shouldn’t kill” thing. He makes his case on the fact that Christians should wear the military chaplet on ceremonial occasions (probably because of some pagan overtones.) Interesting…

In another work, Tertullian talks about praying for emperors. He says, “We pray for them long life, a secure rule, a safe home, brave armies, a faithful senate, an honest people, a quiet world–and everything for which a man and a Caeser can pray.” I wonder how many Christians will pray like this for Obama if he is elected. And remember that when Tertullian prayed this, Christians were being martyred.

That’s all for now…back to lounge duty.


2 Responses to “OLD Dead People”

  1. I love the Obama comment. I wonder, indeed.

  2. Speaking of prayer — our previous President went so far as to actually solicit prayers from US soldiers in Iraq: http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200303/s819685.htm

    Interesting, no?

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