I went to Israel over almost two years ago, and I remember watching presidential debates the first week I got home–debates for the election that is about to happen on Tuesday.

Yes, the eternal campaign is almost over! And now the whole world waits in suspense to find out the outcome.

Some people predict an Obama blowout; others are saying it’s gonna be a close one. But your average yokel is basing those predictions on some (probably unreliable) national poll. As we all know, the President is not elected by popular vote, but by the electoral college. So the national polls are not the best means of making an informed prediction.

So if you look at a good electoral map (check out this and this), it’s not looking good for the McCain/Palin crowd. When the returns start coming in next Tuesday, be looking for the results from Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida. If the news starts projecting all these states for Obama, you might be able to go to bed at a reasonable hour this election day, unless you really want to stay up and find out how big the Democratic advantage is gonna be in Congress.

The moral of the story is this: Brace yourself for a big day for the Democrats on Tuesday. An Obama loss would be shocking, and the Democrats are going to make huge gains in both the House and the Senate. Some conservatives are still predicting a close election and a big swing to McCain in the closing days, and that could possibly happen, but don’t hold your breath.

I’m curious to see the national response, whatever happens, especially among evangelicals. I’ve got some thoughts about the church, politics, and America brewing, and hopefully I’ll post those soon.

May God shed his grace on America. PEACE!


Packet of Catch-Up

October 24, 2008

I confess delinquency in my blogging duties over the last month. So here is a little bit of what I have been up to…

-I went on Outreach Week to Northpoint EV Free. My brother, Billy, is the junior high pastor there, so it was great to stay with him. Our team served the church in a variety of ways. We painted. We taught the Junior High group and Sunday School classes. We painted. We evangelized at Riverside Community College. We painted. We organized some storage rooms. We painted. We attended the Junior High group’s 80’s Skate Night. And we painted. All in all, it was a great week.

-I’ve spent some Friday nights hanging out with friends in Santa Monica. In the midst of busy college life, there is just something about the sound of the waves crashing under the pier and the darkness of the night over the ocean that reminds me how awesome and constant God is.

-I went to Disneyland. TMC’s Disney Day was a blast and a half this year. The park wasn’t too crowded, and the group I was with was awesome! And the fireworks never cease to amaze me. (Or as Shon Walsh would say, “WHAT!? That was amazing.”)

-I’m co-leading a small group at my Bible Study with a guy who has been at Grace Community Church for 51 years…yes, that’s since the beginning. It’s awesome. Even though I studied and taught on James 3:6-12 last night, I think the most profound and applicable things I learned came from his thoughts in small groups!

-I’m loving life in HOTCHKISS! Yes, life is great once again in the REAL Happiest Place on Earth. Today we have a big event that involves games in the park, dinner at the dorm, and a movie in the lounge all before heading down to Mustand Madness! YEAH!