Semester’s End

December 24, 2008

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged that I almost forgot my WordPress password…sheesh… I could begin by listing some excuses for my lack of blogging, but they would probably be lame and unacceptable, so let’s just dive into a new era in Step Onto Liquid.

I just finished my seventh semester of college; that means I have ONE left. Wow. Time flies.

Last night I read through my journal from this semester. (I strongly recommend journaling, but that’s another blog.) It was both an enjoyable and encouraging experience. One fun thing about reading through an old journal is remembering funny things you forgot about. But more than that, it’s refreshing to see what you’ve been through, both in your relationship with God and with others.

One thing I noticed about this semester was that it was a tiring one. For starters, I came into the semester tired. There wasn’t really any “break” last Summer break. I came straight from two weeks of Summer Camp back to school. Once back at school, things stayed busy. The weeks leading up to the beginning of classes is always a whirlwind full of meeting with the Servant Leadership Staff, welcoming the new students, and winning The Master’s Cup (well, only if you live in Hotchkiss.) Then classes began. On top of a full-load, I was heavily involved in Dorm Ministry as well as at my Bible study.

Fifteen weeks later, I’m tired. I’ve come into Christmas Break exhausted and got sick as soon as I got to my parents in Texas. It’s times like this that questions start coming up in my head. What am I thinking? Is what I’m doing worth it? Where is my motivation in this?

And it’s times like that where reading back through my journal is encouraging. It brings back Scriptures that have encouraged me over the last semester. It brings back events that have done the same. It helps remind me, “Oh yeah, this is what I’m thinking, this is why what I’m doing is worth it, and this is my motivation.”

One particular happening the encouraged me was in my Sermon Prep class. Pastor Scott Ardavanis was critiquing one of my sermons when he recalled one time when he got to meet John Piper. He asked JPipes, how do you preach like that? Piper responded, “You just have to fall more in love with God.” And that’s the advice Pastor Scott passed along to me and one thought from my journal read-through that I’m trying to take with me through Christmas Break. As I think through things and ponder the future this Christmas Break, I think that is a good thought to keep central.

Well, that’s it for now, hopefully I’ll be doing some more blogging over the break. Peace!


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