Truth Endures

February 1, 2009

Today was a special day at my church. We celebrated John MacArthur’s 40th Anniversary as the Pastor of Grace Community Church. The day was full of thanksgiving to God through song, exposition of God’s Word through preaching, and reflection upon God’s work through Pastor John (affectionately referred to by me and other collegians as “J-Mac.”)

While getting ready for church this morning, I remember praying that Christ would be glorified through the events of today. And as I get ready for bed now, I praise God for how He has answered that prayer. This showed itself even in how other people expressed their appreciation for Dr. MacArthur. He is thanked not for his own ingenuity or cleverness, but for his unwavering commitment to boldly preach Christ and faithfully proclaim His Word. His ministry is not about a method or a plan; it’s about the person of Jesus Christ.

That is why I think today’s events not only expressed appreciation to and thankfulness for Dr. MacArthur but also gave the ultimate glory to God.

Therefore, I go to bed not only thankful for answered prayer, but also challenged to follow in those Christ-honoring footsteps.