Psalm 119 True North United Tonight!

October 14, 2009

At True North we’ve been going through Psalms on Scripture of the Day. Today’s Psalm is Psalm 119.

So one day at True North Headquarters we debated what to do with this chapter. Should we break it up over a few days and go through it slowly? Should we just hope that the students eat up all 176 verses on their own?

Obvious answer: no to all of the above options. Instead, let’s get all the people of True North in one room and read the whole thing together.

So that is what we are going to do tonight at True North United. We will eat, we will hang out, and we will sing worship songs, but the main course of the evening is a feast on the longest chapter in the Bible.

Last night and this morning (partly after reading this article), I was remembering some of my main desires before going into youth ministry. I wanted students to be excited about the gospel and excited about God’s Word.

I pray that tonight bears much fruit towards that second end. My desire is that the students of True North would be students of the book, and that every day they would cry out, “Oh, how I love your law; it is my meditation all the day!”


One Response to “Psalm 119 True North United Tonight!”

  1. Debbie T said

    Loved listening to your weekend message this morning! Great illustrations! (Did you peek in a Christmas package?) No one could listen without feeling the conviction of not spending enough time feasting on God’s Holy Word! Praying for students tonight to get excited about reading their Bibles!

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