Lesson from Jetlag

July 10, 2010

So we had another earthquake on Wednesday afternoon.

I saw the earthquake. Things were visibly shaking in the Compass Room (where I was when it happened.)

I heard the earthquake. The whole building rattled as it shook.

I did not feel the earthquake. Not one little bit. The ground felt perfectly normal to me. Why? I was jet-lagged, so it already felt like the earth was in a constant state of motion.

At 6:00 am Tuesday morning, I landed at LAX on a 14-and-a-half-hour flight that had left Tel Aviv at 1:30am local time. I made it through Tuesday alright, but about 2:30pm Wednesday afternoon, jet-lag swung by my office and began pounding my face into my desk (or so it felt.)

Few things impress upon me the futility of my own humanity more than jet-lag. Even though I am trying to be motivated and work, my body wants to do nothing but curl up into the fetal position and conk out.

Thankfully, I serve an infinite God. He never slumbers or sleeps (Psalm 121). He is omnipresent, so he never has to deal with trans-continental flights or jet-lag.

When I am at my worst (jet-lagged so bad I cannot feel an earthquake), I can still depend on him. That was the lesson of jet-lag. I was constantly forced to express that dependence on him through prayer and by running to his word. Thankfully, as the effects of jet-lag have worn off, the lesson I learned has not. I hope it stays that way.


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