Book Review – Don’t Waste Your Sports

January 7, 2011

I like sports.

So when I heard about a book by C.J. Mahaney that was all about sports, I ordered it immediately.

Mahaney writes, “Sports are a gift from God. But as soon as you introduce the human heart, things get complicated.” In this short book (I read it in about half an hour), he explains how Christians should enjoy sports while avoiding the idolatry that can be an inherent temptation. He explains what it means to play for the glory of God and offers several practical tips on how to be a grateful, humble servant athlete.

I would have like to see him write more about competitiveness and how this characteristic is not necessarily a vice. We can glorify God when we strive for competitive excellence. Trying hard to win is not a bad thing. Then again, you can’t hope that C.J. will address everything having to do with sports in a 50-page pamphlet.

All in all, Don’t Waste Your Sports would be a helpful read for any athlete, coach, parent of an athlete, or fan.


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