Why Not Go LARGE!?

February 21, 2011

You know those moments. Like the one where you ask for a medium order of fries at Chick-fil-A before realizing how much you love those delicious Waffle Potato Fries and asking yourself, “Why not go LARGE!?”

Last week, I had a similar – but much more serious – experience along those lines.

My brother Bobby and I went out to Redlands to lead chapel at Arrowhead Christian Academy where our Uncle Scott teaches. I lead the music (and was surprised by how much the students actually sang) and then settled down in the back of the room to listen to Bobby preach. I found myself offering up some standard prayers that God would be with Bobby and use this message for some kind of spiritual good when suddenly it hit me, “Why not go LARGE?”

I remember times at Revival X and Revival: Winter Edition where I am in the back of the room listening to Bobby preach and praying AMBITIOUS things. Praying – actually it was more like begging – that God would save students. Praying the God would use the students there in mighty ways for his kingdom.

Why is it that prayers like this get kept for “special” occasions and “big” events? The answer ends up laying with a lack of ambitious faith or spiritual zeal.

If we are supposed to “pray without ceasing,” then let’s go LARGE! Why settle for small, weak prayers when we serve a big, powerful God.