Blogging at TMC

September 19, 2008

I get to double it up when it comes to blogging this year. Not only will I be contributing to the blogosphere here at Step Onto Liquid, I am also a student blogger for the Admissions Department here at The Master’s College. Five of us students put together a blog for the school that prospective students can come look at and read. Check it out here.

I’ll post most of the blogs at both sites, but this time I’ll make you go check it out. So check it out here.

Until next time…


A Couple Things

May 29, 2007

My parents returned yesterday safe and sound. I enjoyed seeing them again, and I was also glad that my responsibilities of taking care of Buddy were over.

Tonight, we celebrated my mom’s 50th birthday and went to see the newest “Pirates” installment. One word review: weird.

I’m hoping to start “The Egypt Chronicles” this week.

In the meantime, check out my friend Derek Brown’s blog. He’s working through a Jonathan Edwards essay on spiritual pride. Right now I am reading an Edwards biography and Mahaney’s Humility, so this blog series is the perfect blend of those two ideas. Hopefully, I blog more about what I’m learning from those two books later.

Night, night.

Welcome to My New Home

January 17, 2007

Step Onto Liquid is now at WordPress!

I’m really excited about this new site.  I’ve brought all the 2007 posts over here from Blogger.  If you want to explore the archives, check out the old site.

If you want to know where the idea “Step Onto Liquid” comes from, check out the “About” page.

Make yourselves comfortable.  And stay tuned for future posts.


I leave for Israel on Saturday, so today I prepared myself for my world travels by purchasing a new camera. Here’s a pic I took of Buddy–the family dog.

Stay tuned to the blog over the next day or two. I’ve got a big change and a big post coming up.

So don’t nobody go nowhere.


January 1, 2007


Welcome to 2007, everybody, everybody.

Among other things, I’m hoping this will be the best year yet at Step Onto Liquid.

And speaking of other things, did anybody watch the Rose Bowl? I did. USC finished up a somewhat disappointing season with a loud-and-clear victory over Michigan. It sounds like the “experts” are already putting USC atop the pre-season polls for next season. Yep, 2007 is getting off to a good start.

Photo: (Getty Images/Harry How)